9th International Summer School on Training And Research On Testing
SIAF center, Volterra, Italy
9-13 July, 2013 (in collaboration with the ISSTA 2013 DS and the AST 2013 )



The TAROT 2013 School will be organized around 5 themes.  A deep state of the start view on the selected themes will be provided through two or three tutorial-oriented, interactive, presentations. The goal is to create better synergies between lecturers and participants, and among the participants themselves.


  • Theme 1: Search Based Testing for the Future Internet (Tuesday, July 09)
    • Paolo Tonella. Academic developments in search based testing for the Future Internet.
    • Peter M. Kruse. Industrial applications of search based testing for the Future Internet.
    • Tanja Vos. Mayor European initiatives in search based  testing where academia and industry get together.
  • Theme 2: Training and teaching software testing: What a good software tester shall know (Wednesday, July 10)
    • Tao Xie. How to do research on software testing?
  • Theme 3: Security Testing (Thursday, July 11)
    • Antonia Bertolino.  XML-based approaches for security testing.
    • Yves Le Traon.  Security testing: a key challenge for software engineering of web apps.
    • Wissam Mallouli. Network Monitoring for Security Checking Using MMT. 
  • Theme 4: Software Product Line Testing (Friday, July 12)
    • Myra Cohen. Sampling, Re-use and Incremental Testing in Software Product Lines.
    • Gilles Perrouin.  Feature-based Testing of SPLs:  Pairwise and Beyond.
  • Theme 5: Mining software models for analysis and testing + TAROT 2014 (Saturday, July 13)
    • Leonardo Mariani.  Automated Failure Analysis in Absence of Specification.
    • Rui Abreu. Presenting the TAROT 2014. 

A “working group session” is also planned to be run on Wednesday afternoon. A “projects and posters” session is planned for Thursday.

Social Programme Organization:

The TAROT 2013 recognizes a great importance to open discussion, dissemination, and socialization. In this respect, the School will include:

  • An informal welcome on Monday night (not to feel alone in an unknown place),
  • “Let’s get together” informal social activities to know each other,
  • A social event on Friday.